Achievements and Lessons learned by the African Network for Localization (ANLoc)

27/05/2020 12:00
27/05/2020 13:30
ANLoc Project
150 Kent St., Room 649 (6th floor), Ottawa, Canada

Presenter: Martin Benjamin

Description: The African Network for Localization (ANLoc) has been established by Acacia to overcome the limitations of technology on language that prevent most Africans from participating in the digital age. ANLoc is addressing localization from many angles,

from creating an enabling technical environment to building specific language tools to furthering language policy at national and international levels. The presentation will discuss the achievements and lessons learned by ANLoc after its first year, and the mid-range objectives of the network partners. Finally, the talk will consider the long-range outlook for IT in African languages and African societies, and the changes that will result over time from ANLoc activities. ANLoc is led and managed by Zuza software foundation and involves researchers from several African countries.

Those interested in attending should contact Alexandra Eustache - aeustache at idrc dot ca

Find below the presentation:

Achievement And Lessons Learned By An Loc
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