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General discussions about the ANLoc project.
Discussions about name, logo, etc.
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Preparation of upcoming ANLoc events.
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Discussions about the website features.
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Sub-project specific discussions.
In order to localise software user interfaces effectively you need good tools. These are tools that help translators manage their work, reuse old work, choose the correct terminology and prevent common errors.
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Without fonts in African languages we cannot see our written work in the digital age.
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Without a keyboard we cannot capture information. The keyboard sub-project will create keyboard layouts based on language clusters so that all African languages can be typed on a computer.
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Informing policy makers around the issues of localisation and local language ICTs.
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In order to mark text in a document or change the behaviour of your computer to use the correct date and time you need a locale.
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Unless we actually localise software, we will not be able to showcase the results of the PALNet project's work.
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Bringing together participants in the Pan African Localisation Network to allow them to share ideas, demonstrate results and build a stronger network of partners.
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by Donald
Spelling is both a quality issue for localisation but also a vitality issue for languages.
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When localising software it is important to use the correct term consistently. With African languages often these terms are new, not widely used or disputed.
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by Martin
Addressing the need for local localisation skills.
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