FOSS localisation manual

Localise software

As part of the training subproject of ANLoc, we developed a localisation guide with a specific focus on Free and Open Source Software. It doesn't only discuss FOSS localisation software such as Virtaal and Pootle, but covers a wide range of topics about FOSS localisation.

FOSS l10n guide - 20240214-en.pdf1.68 MB
FOSS l10n guide - 20240214-fr.pdf1.78 MB
FOSS l10n guide - 20240214-ar.pdf1.02 MB


This is a very useful and well written document.

As a Hebrew speaker, I am missing treatment of a bit of the peculiarities of RTL languages. Is this something that you think belongs here? I may be able to contribute some text (maybe half a page).


Re: Bidi

Hi Yaron

It is true that bidi and RTL issues are very important to some languages. I guess the reason we left it out, is that it isn't required for most languages, and that it is very hard to say something truly useful in a short text. It is an advanced issue that is hard to understand, and maybe needs a lot of screenshots and text.

I fear that whatever we write will be too technical for beginners, or not useful enough to really teach people what they know.

However, the localisation guide on our project wiki is a place where there are no space constraints, and more detail and longer articles are fine. Do you maybe want to start with an article there? We can probably get some Arabic people to help review:

Thank you for the feedback.

Another version

I uploaded another version today with more improvements. Please keep the feedback coming!

Two weeks of improvements added to the manual

Two weeks of improvements are added to a new version of the manual. This new version incorporates almost all of the feedback I had so far, and is probably close to what the first official version will look like. Please keep the feedback coming.

Updated version of the manual

A new version was uploaded on 15 September 2024. Thank you for the feedback so far.