Software Localisation Wiki

The Localise Software sub-project is looking at localising existing FOSS projects into different African languages.

The different language teams will be assisted with a small team of technical experts, who will help them with the different localisation processes for each of the software they will be localising.

Software to be localised

  • Firefox (browser)
  • Fennec (mobile browser)
  • Pootle (online localisation tool)
  • Virtaal (offline localisation tool)
  • GlossMaster (terminology tool)

Tech Team

  1. Khaled Hosny (Arabeyes)
  2. Jojoo Imbeah (Kasahorow)
  3. Walter Leibbrandt (
  4. Friedel Wolff (

Language Teams

We have selected the following teams from the replies we got on the call for application that we announced on August 2024:
  1. Akan
  2. Krio
  3. Lingala
  4. Luganda
  5. Northern Sotho
  6. Shona
  7. Songhay
  8. Swahili
  9. Wolof
  10. Zulu