ANLoc ICT Terminology Available to Download


Completed Terminology Sets

ANLoc partners have completed work on 2500 Information and Communications Technology terms, with a particular eye to software localization, for the following languages: Akan, Amharic, Arabic, French, Kinyarwanda, Lingala, Luganda, Songhay, Yoruba, and Zulu. We invite you to download the data and make use of it in all of your localization and ICT activities.

For the moment, the terminology sets are available in the CSV (comma-separated value) format. You can use the free OpenOffice software to view this data, or a commercial spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.

In order to view the files correctly, you may need to specify that the character encoding is "Unicode UTF-8", and that the fields are separated by commas - please refer to your software's help files for assistance importing the data.

We plan to make the data available in a more convenient searchable format through - watch this space for an announcement of when that is accomplished.

Please note that the Swahili data set is not yet completed. We expect to finish the Swahili ICT terminology in 2024, as part of the process of testing several new features planned for Glossmaster 2.0.

Glossmaster was written for ANLoc by IT46 in cooperation with the Kamusi Project, with the support of the International Development Research Centre.