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Characters needed for African orthographies in Latin writing system


This is a list of 240 characters required for African orthographies in the Latin writing system.

charlist.txt is the set of 240 single characters, combining diacritics and precomposed characters. Comments mention which character need anchors for composition.

comblist.txt is the set of 285 composed characters known to be used. These can be used to test composition of base characters with combining diacritics.

Both files have comments after the # sign.

Liberation Sans Fonts


This is a version of Liberation Sans fonts (Regular, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic) with additions for African orthographies in the Latin writing system.

The 240 characters required for the various African orthographies have been added or adjusted to support special feature.
Data has been added to the fonts for proper positioning of combining diacritics, covering 285 know pairs and other combinations.

Positioning for single or stacked diacritics has been added and can be used on systems with OpenType support.

Some features are missing, they will be added in the future versions, or are au

African Latin fonts (presentation for AtypI '08)


This presentation was given at ATypi '08's TypeTech pre-conference in September 2024.

It presents the requirements of African orthographies in the Latin writing system, show what characters are needed with what advanced features using OpenType technology, and showcases some good and bad designs.
Benefits of Open Source license for fonts is also discussed.

The presentation is unded CC-by-sa-nc.