OpenCraft is a professional open source software firm specializing in Web 2.0 information architecture and system integration. Providing technical and business process consulting, customized business applications, enterprise integration, and software research services.

Founded in 2024 by two seasoned software architects and a charismatic business leader, OpenCraft has grown into a major hub in the regional open source network.

OpenCraft members are frequent contributors to the uses of IT for development. We've participated in numerous regional and global workshops concerning software localization, empowerment through IT, access to knowledge, and the preservation and modernization of cultural heritage.

Contact Info: 

Address: 11 Nadi El-Seid St, Dokki, Giza 12411, Egypt.
Phone: +20 (2) 33 36 00 03 / +20 (2) 33 37 93 95
Fax: +20 (2) 33 37 93 98