List of 2500 terms selected for the Terminology project


The attached list is the 2500 IT/L10n terms that have been selected for the Terminology project. This is the simple version of the list, showing only the original English terms.

We will soon post another version of the list that shows all of the English data for the glossary, including definitions, comments, tags, and syntactic groups. Data for each project language will be posted when complete.

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Kiswahili Terminology

Hi Martin,

My name is Mr. Nuhu Bakari a Kiswahili expert working for Nation Media Group Ltd, Nairobi, Kenya.
It is a good idea to hear that you are working on localization programme for some terminologies.
Just to ask whether you have any plans to localize computer terminologies into Kiswahili.
If yes, how are doing it?
I'll be willing to participate in such an exercise. I was among the six who translated the Kiswahili Localization Programme for Microsoft Inc.
We are working on the spellchecker this time-around.
Nuhu Bakari

+ 254 722 704930 (Cell)

+254 20 3288694 (Office)