New releases from the Tools project

Localisation Tools

The subproject for localisation tools released made new software releases on 4 August 2024. These releases contain many new features and improvements.

Virtaal is a translation program with features to help translators increase translation quality and have fun. The Translate Toolkit contains many useful tools for translation, management, and quality control. It is the technology platform for Pootle, Virtaal, and other software.

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Highlighted improvements

  • Terminology help. Many people love the terminology feature of Pootle, but we think Virtaal is even better.
  • Syntax highlighting. See curly quotes, XML tags, etc. highlighted in the editing area.
  • Support for "placeables". Read more here:
  • Support for editing inline elements of XLIFF files
  • Improvements to preferences
    • plugins
    • placeables
    • sources of translation memory and terminology
  • Updated translations. Many thanks for contributions to more than 15 languages so far.
  • Improvements for right-to-left languages

Read the user manual for Virtaal here:

Full feature list: