is a South African non-profit organisation focused on the localisation of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) into South African languages. This work has lead to a number of firsts including the first GUI word processor ( in an African language. This is now available in all 11 official languages of South Africa. To that we have also added Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, and portions of GNOME and KDE.

Their focus is on the elimination of technical barriers that have a negative impact on language. Thus creating a South African keyboard that includes all characters needed to type in all 11 official languages and adapted fonts to add characters needed by Venda.

They have trained localisers across the world including: Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, Morocco, India and Brazil and have created tools to simplify software localisation.

Contact Info: 

Tel: +27 12 460 9094 (UTC +02:00)


63A Wenning St.
South Africa