Agenda for PALNet Kickoff event

What are the agenda items we will be covering - and is this something we
should plan on this list?

Who are the guests, beyond the people specifically responsible for
components of the grant?


Agenda on googledocs

here it is, my first draft of the agenda for the

I'm doing this on Google Docs, I hope it works well for us.

Please just add comments below the agenda.

I've shared a document with you called "PALnet Kickoff agenda":

It's not an attachment -- it's stored online at Google Docs. To open
this document, just click the link above.


What is in mind for the "morning circle"?

I would like to suggest a few things for the agenda. I'm not sure
everybody is familiar with all the sub-projects. I think we should have
a way of quickly learning what each project has in mind of doing, the
rough timelines, expected outcomes, etc. Really simple and short. I'm
not sure if this is what was in mind with the lightning talks on the
Tuesday. I think most of us know each other to some extent, so we really
don't need to make this exhaustive. It should be useful for orientation,
and for my next suggestion:

I would like to suggest some time for us to move around for each project
to get an opportunity to sit with each other project for 5-10 minutes to
discuss possible points of common interest and collaboration. For
example, the tools project and the terminology project might have some
common points of interest. The projects for fonts, keyboards and locales
might have some. (I'm sure there are many other examples.) This should
give us a way of ensuring that our own goals align well with the overall
goals of the project and that our separate projects don't exist in a
vacuum, but that we start seeing our work from the outset as something
to create and improve complete localised computing environments for
people of Africa. We should look for ways in which collaboration between
sub-projects will aid in achieving objectives.



paa kwesi