Localising the website header

If u can, plz tell us what is the word used for:
- partners in Manding and how is it written in N'Ko?
- projects in Amharic and how is it written in Ge'ez/Ethiopic?

- forums in Berber and how is it written in Tifinagh?

South African Languages

Good Day, does this new project involve the use and creation of websites using also South African Eleven Official languages e.g. IsiXhosa, isiZulu, IsiNdebele, Tswana, etc etc. Another question do we have South African partners or volunteers already on this project. How can ordinary people contribute? e.g. Students, young workers who just want to volunteers, even part time positions? Thank you

Re: South African Languages

Yebo Simphiwe! Creating websites is not the primary aim of the project, but rather to create the tools and technology that will make this much simpler. Please visit the website of Translate.org.za - this is the partner organisation from South Africa where you can get involved with localisation in South African languages by volunteering or other means. You will see their website is partially translated into a few languages.

Project in Amharic (Ethiopic)

the English meaning has been internalized. I am not sure what it exactly mean in Amharic but the writing in Amharic for "project" is "ፕሮጀክት"

The theme about HLT day for

The theme about HLT day for the National HLT Network 2010 seems pretty impressive. I think that the day for the National Human Language Technologies Network, where Dwayne and Friedel will be presenting speed papers will definitely be a day to remember. I think the "HLT" using [url=http://www.inin.com/Pages/default.aspx]interactive intelligence[/url] will definitely improve and allows that cultural pressure to be reduced, eliminated or even reversed.