Spell checkers presentation at Sokhna

Spell checkers

This is the slides that Peter and I used in my presentation in Sokhna about the spell checker project.

April 2024 - spellchecker.odp41.52 KB

Thanks Friedel!

Thanks for posting the presentations Friedel :).
Waiting for the others. We also started working on re-arranging the front-page and making things more visible in general.

Upload Presentations HowTo

May you please post a little HowTo for the uploading of the presentations as there are many corridors that I am not sure where to go.

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Publishing on ANLoc

Hi Emanuel,

To upload presentations or any other document, here are quick steps:
- Click on "create content" on the right sidebar
- Click on "document"
- Fill in: Title and Body
- Select which project that this document is related to
- Click save.

Please check "publishing on ANLoc" for more information.

Also, your role on the website now is : project member

Zeinab Samir
OpenCraft | Web designer

Thanks that works like a

Thanks that works like a charm.

Open Minds use Open Source