Data collection from Institutions

Problem Statement
• There are two kinds of institution who has OLD data. Proprietary and public institutions.
• All of data exists that either they don’t want to share the data or they haven’t consider it to share because they don’t have the technology and infrastructure , lack of awareness

Research Question
• Why these institutions are not sharing their data?
• How can we get the data from these institutions (Licenses, legal issues etc..)?
• How can we acknowledge/recognize institutions who share the data?
• What are the metrics to share the data from the institutions (Availability, accebility, comprehensiveness, Standard Format of the data, Quality etc…)?
• Legal/recognition
o Memorandum of Understanding
o Experations of the intent
o Collaborations
o Consortium
• Metrics
o Rating mechanisms
• African OLD consortium that requires membership from the institutions
• Who have the right
o To attend meetings
o To have a vote in how data management is used
o To abid on the agreement t of the consortium