Workshop on GNOME

Workshop on Gnome lead by Claude

Discussion were about the following topics:

Different platforms from which you can contribute to GNOME translations:
Linux, MacOS and Windows (several GNOME programs are also cross platforms)

Release times of Gnome:
Every six months for core modules – for other modules, some developers choose to release more often

How to contribute to the Gnome project:
You have to be a member inside a Language team on
Those who were not yet members were helped to create an account
Process of deciding which modules to localise – prioritising according to own needs
Process of downloading the po files for translation
Process of uploading files ready for review or commit
Commit need a coordinator with specific rights

How to report any problems encountered in any of the modules
Any suggestions you want to make to contribute to a module can also be channeled through Bugzilla

How to check source code when you encounter a problem on deciding how to translate a specific string

Web address for Gnome: